Discover Tehran in one Day Tour

Golestan Palace, National Jewelry Museum and Milad tower

Our Tehran tour begins with  Golestan Palace, a walk through the garden, we visit Karim Khan Nook, Mirror Hall, Pool Room and Talare Zoroof .

After a refreshing break, it’s time to visit National Museum of Iran. Here you  learn about ancient Persian Empire and the magnificent history of Iran.

Then its lunch time at one of the traditional restaurants in Bazaar with the variety of choices.  In the afternoon, we head for the Jewelry Museum to see the world’s largest diamond and royal jewelry.

Right after this amazing visit, we walk to Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran. Here you see the beautiful and unique glassblowing and Ceramic art.

At the end of this exciting day, we watch a panoramic view of Tehran in Milad tower.

Now it’s time to return home with an unforgettable memory of this one Day tour in Tehran.

Note: This itinerary can be changed based on your personal request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Duration

    1 Day Trip

  • End

    Tehran ,Iran

  • Group Size

    Minimum 2 pax – Maximum 22 pax

  • Ages

    15 to 85 years’ old

  • Included Meals

    Full Board

  • Transport

    VIP Van/Bus

  • Trip Notes
    • If our tours has no sufficient passengers it will be cancelled.
  • Includes
    • Travel Insurance
    • Professional tour guide (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian)
    • All entrances mentioned in the itinerary
    • headset and tour guide microphone
    • Full board (buffet meal with variety of Persian cuisine include vegetarian food, Fresh fruits, Nuts, traditional Persian sweets, tea, café, Fresh juice and mineral water)
  • Not included
    •  personal expenses ( phone calls…)
  • Route


Welcome and pick up point:

We pick you up from your hotel in Tehran by a comfortable VIP  Van/Bus at 9 am. Your guides greet you there.

Golestan palace

By the time Tehran was chosen to the capital of Iran by Qajar dynasty, many things changed in this city.

One of these important monuments is Golestan palace which was originally built by Safavid dynasty and was expanded by Qajars. Of course it should be mentioned that the main changes in this monument occurred by the order of Naser-el Din Shah, one of the modern kings of Qajar kingdom. As he visited European countries, he wanted to apply some of the art and architecture of those countries in this building too.

You can find many beautiful elements there like tile works, mirrors, Jewelries, lattice windows, photos and paintings.

National Museum

No where is better than a museum to learn about the history of a country.

The National Museum of Tehran provides tourists a perfect opportunity to see historical elements and learn about what has happened to this ancient country all these years.

Of course it is not at luxurious as some national museums in other parts of the world such as Louvre or Metropolitan, but what you see is considered as Iranian treasure. Most of the objects belong to Shush, Persepolis, Rey, and some other parts.

You may see things from Achaemanid era, Sasanid, and other historical eras so you will learn many things about Iran.

Jewerly Museum

The amount of jewelry and different pieces that Iranian kings had collected during the history is amazing and it is interesting that most of them are available for public to see.

The museum of National Jewelry is located within the Central Bank of Iran, in Tehran. Most of them are well-known and famous. Every piece of gem is the symbol of Persian Empire history, art and honor and the victories and passion during the centuries.

No one knows the real value of this treasury. Most evaluators have tried to do that but no one found the real answer. It is worth visiting to see the most expensive and beautiful treasuries

Glassware and Ceramic Museum

The former house of Reza shah’s prime minister, Ghavam ol-Saltaneh, and former Egyptian embassy that has converted to Glassware and Ceramic museum for almost 40 years is where you should visit during your trip to Tehran.

Apart from what is shown in the glass boxes, the building itself is of interest.

The architecture and design of the building is in a way that in a time was called modern and was considered luxurious among people.

This two floor building is where some glasses found in ” Neyshabour” and some ceramics and art works belong to 12-13th century are being shown.

Milad Tower

When you think of Tehran, there are many things that can be considered as its symbol, but the most contemporary and modern symbol is Milad tower.

It is the sixth tallest tower in the world so you can have a perfect view on top of it. You may also experience some entertainments like visiting the art galleries, exhibits and museums.

This tower is 435 meters high and it took 11 years to build. It was opened in 2009. It consists of 5 parts say the lobby, the foundation, shaft, head structure and antenna. There are also six elevators to take people on the top of it at the speed of 7 meters a second.

The most interesting place here is the revolving restaurant that can make your visit unforgettable

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