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Rasht is the center of Gilan province in the north of Iran and is located 25 km from Caspian Sea. Also, the largest and most populous city in northern Iran is among the three provinces of the Caspian Sea area. This city is the third most visited tourist city in Iran. Also it is the only Iranian city which designated as UNESCO creative city of gastronomy.

Today Rasht is considered one of the main agricultural and tourism hubs in the country. Rasht is the largest Iranian producer of rice, a major producer of steel, the country’s largest producer of anti-cancer drugs, and one of the most important cities in Iran. Textile industry, chemical industry, as well as Rasht crafts are very famous.

Best time to go

Rasht climate is mild Caspian and Mediterranean and also has the first rate of rainfall in the provinces of Iran. It has warm summers and cold and humid winters. warmest months in this city are July, August, June and The coldest month is January and February. so, the best times to have trip to Rasht in terms of ideal weather are April to June or September to November.

Nature and history

Rasht has many impressive and famous historical attractions. The most important places in the city, are the following: Mohtasham garden, Shahrdari square,Shapour school, Safi mosque, Dome of pir mahaleh, Tomb of mirza kuchak khan

Also the main attraction of this city is, its nature and forests. Therefore, some of the beautiful place near it are: Saravan forest Park, Qal’eh rudkhan ,Saqalaksar lake.

Charming souvenirs

The variety of delicious food in this city is high and is found for every taste. its foods are some of the most delicious iranian cuisines with garlic as a main ingredient. Baghala Ghatogh, Mirza Ghasemi are the most famous dishes in this land. Moreover reshte khoshkar, Olive,Fish,rice and tea,Pomegranate sauce are the most popular options as souvenirs.

straw knitting, in this city and in many northern cities of iran, it is known as the main occupation of people. straw knitting,Including products like ground cloth, hats, handbags and baskets are the other souvenirs of this rainy city.

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