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Yazd is located in the center of Iran, between Shirkuh and Kharanaq Mountain. This city is considered as an ancient and historical city of Iran, which is a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Yazd is the first mud brick town in the world and is known for its wind catchers, Zoroastrian fire temples and Qantas(underground channels). Also Yazd is surrounded by deserts, the city is between the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut and is every inch a city of the desert.

This beautiful city has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the city’s most prominent feature is its particular desert architecture. In this architecture, the wind-catcher was used to capture wind to making cool in the building’s space.

Furthermore, Another feature of the desert architecture Qantas, are commonly used in this city.

Yazd is one of the warmest and driest region in Iran With temperature of 28 degrees centigrade daily average. The best traveling time is from June to August.
majority of people in this city are Muslims. But also, a large group of Zoroastrians in Iran reside in Yazd. A minority of Jews live in the city too.


Some of the Yazd city attractions included: Dolat Abad garden, Zoroastrian Fire Temple (Ateshkadeh), Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Complex, Masjed-e Jameh, old city with its numerous badgirs (windtowers), water museum, khan-e Lari (Qajar house), Zoroastrian Towers of Silence (dakhmeh-ye zartoshtiyan), Alexander’s Prison, Chak Chak, Kharanaq village, clocktower, saheb a zaman zurkhaneh

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