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This city is one of the Iran’s metropolises and is the center of Kerman province in southeastern Iran. it is the largest and most important city in the south and south-east of Iran in terms of administrative, political, cultural and industrial. Kerman’s titanium mine is the only titanium mine in Iran. Iron, coal and copper mines are also among the mines in this area.


Kerman is one of the five historic cities in Iran. In Historical and geographical documents, this city was known with these names: Karmania, Germānia, Karmani and Botia. The city was famous for its six gates in the past. Kerman has a variety of traditional and delicious cuisine, which Halim Bademjan (eggplant Halim) is the most famous of them. Its handicrafts include Shal, pate, and Terme, but Among them pate-dozy is more ancient


Kerman province has a variety climate. For example, in the northern parts near the desert, has dry weather, and in the southern part has moderate weather. Most parts of the city, surrounded by mountains. Due to the proximity  to Dasht-e Lut, this city is warm in summer.


Most sights and tourist areas in kerman are historical and cultural sites.

The most important places  are the following:

The Ardeshir castle and Qal’eh Dokhtar are the memorials of the pre-Islamic architecture that considered as the oldest historical monuments in this city. The city bazaar is a spectacular example among the Iranian bazzars. Ganjali Khan complex which was built during the Safavid era. Shazdeh Garden,is a famous historical Persian garden located in Mahan city, about 30 km from Kerman. The garden related to the end of Qajar era.

Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine also located in mahan. This historical place, is tomb of the famous Iranian mystic and poet, Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali.

Shahdad Kalouts, Arg-e Rayen, Meymand village, Arg-e Bam, Fathabad Garden, Kerman paleontology museum, Jame Mosque, Jabalieh Dome, Yakhchal Moayedi, Stone Garden, are the other attractions in kerman and near it.

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