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Isfahan is a Historical city in the central of Iran, which is the third largest city in this country, therefore it is the most populous city after Tehran and Mashhad.

this city is located at 435 kilometers south of Tehran. Also on the hillside of the Zagros Mountains and near Zayandeh Rud River thus has semi-arid climate. Due to the warmer temperatures June to September are is the best time to travel to this city. While the cold months are from November to March.

Royal city

This magnificent city was the capital of Iran during Safavid dynasty, so there are many historical monuments of this magnificence golden architecture age in this city. Consequently annually millions of foreign tourists come to Isfahan city to visit the Iranian architecture magic. Isfahan is half the world’s known in popular belief.


Isfahan is a rich city in artistic and historical monument.  The most beautiful and most popular attractions of this city is the naqsh-e jahan square (Image of the world), which is the second largest square in the world, and recorded on UNESCO World Heritage List.

furthermore Other best list places to visit in Isfahan are: Ali Qapu, Manar Jonban, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Old Qaisarieh Bazaar,Friday (Al-Jum’a) Mosque, The Chehel Sutun (Forty Columns) Palace, Vank Cathedral,Hasht Behesht Palace, Chahar Bagh School and Boulevard, Old Bridges (Khaju Bridge, Si-o-se Pol, Shahrestan Bridge)


Also this city is famous for its delicate art work and beautiful handicrafts, such as enameling (mina-kari), inlaid work (Khatam-kari), metal work, glass bowling, engraving (Qalam-zani) and miniature.

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