One of the most important questions about traveling to Iran is how How should wear in Iran ? And maybe it makes lots of tourist worry, but don’t worry. It’s not as terrible as what you saw in fake news but there are definitely rules you need to follow.

Come along with us to review some rules about what to wear in Iran

how to wear in iran

Dress code for women in Iran

The first rule is about headscarf. According to Iranian law, women must cover their hair. It doesn’t need place scarf just right up to your forehead and no problem if you showing a little of your hair unless when you will go to mosque or shrine.

tourist in iran

Second rule is about legs and body. Your body should be covered with clothes. Arms and shoulders should not be bare. Women must wear something like man shirt, coat or manteau with trousers or long skirt. Tunics are good if they cover up your bum. There is no any limitation about color and tight jeans are no problem.

Knee also should not be bare. Legs must be covered down to ankles. Feet can be uncovered and you can wear sandals. Varnished nails are no problem.Dress code for women in Iran

Finally, it’s better for you to enter Iran with scarf and something like men’s shirt after that choosing and changing your style as Iranian local women in the streets. And please attention some cities in Iran such as Yazd, and Kashan are more conservative, and people are more traditional. So be more careful about what you wear and your scarf.

Dress code in Iran

Dress code for men in Iran

Rules are simpler for men. Legs and upper arms should not be bare. And Shorts are not acceptable in public places and urban areas but T-shirts are acceptable. Wearing ties or bows is not a problem but it’s not a common among locals.

Overall as a tourist it’s enough to try to obey the rules and don’t worry if you don’t get everything right.

Dress code for men in Iran

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