Iran is a country known as Persia in the world by the early twentieth century. In the West, the name of Persia is often associated with ancient ruins, stunning gardens, unique markets, tasty and delicious food and the kindest people in the world. All of this is just a corner of Iranian civilization and its long history, which has fascinated past and present observers. That is why the history of Iran is of interest to other people around the world to travel there.

Stay tune to  review 14 Tips to know before visiting Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran

1-Iranians are not Arabs

One of the important things to keep in mind is that the Iranians are not Arabs. Many Europeans, get confused about Iranians and Arabs. People in Iran speak Persian and their language is not Arabic. Of course, there are different dialects in different cities. Perhaps some of the words in Persian are Arabic, but if you know Arabic, you still do not understand Persian language conversations. Since the Arabs fought against Iranians, their common words grew, but their Language Line has similarities and differences.

Iranians are not Arabs 2- Iranians do not hate Americans

One of the most important issues that we always hear in western media is the hatred of Iranians from Americans. But this is not true. Iranians are kind and hospitable people. They are not racists, and no matter what your nationality, they will do whatever to help you.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran3-Iran is a fantastic country for backpackers

Iran is a great country for backpackers. Hotels, cheap transport and friendly native people provide you very economical journey. Nature tourism is very popular in Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran4-How much money is enough to travel to Iran?

Iran is a country where cash is worth more than a credit card. There are many places where there is no POS Machine, and you must have cash, of course, it’s more in the countryside and far village. Do not forget that Iran has beautiful carpets that make you motivate to buy them. So if you want to buy a carpet, Have enough money.

5-Iran confusing currency

The official currency is Iran Rial, but everything is sold by toman. It is not bad to know that each toman is 10 rials. In any case, I suggest you investigate about currency  a little before traveling to Iran.

Iran confusing currency6-Iran is safe

Unlike what the media show, Iran is a safe country. Even strangers in the metro will help you reach your destination. They always try to help you and do not harm you.

7-Hotel reception

If you intend to stay in a hotel in Iran, you should know that they will get your passport. Your passport must be at the hotel until your stay. There is no worry, and the hotel officials take good care of your passport and return it to you safely.

Hotel reception8-Ladies in Iran should wear scarves

Ladies in Iran should have a scarf; but they are very handsome. I suggest you do some clever work in choosing your clothes to travel to Iran.

9-Filtering in Iran

You may not be able to access some sites in Iran. Because they do not match the country’s laws and regulations so they are filter. If you use a particular website, make sure that there is not filter in Iran, and if so, you need to use proxy. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are filtered in Iran but access to email and Gmail is not a problem.

10-Providing SIM cards in Iran

Buying a SIM card in Iran is very cheap and I suggest buying a SIM card. At the moment, Iranians use Telegram and WhatsApp to communicate, so if you want to connect with your Iranian friends, you need to install a telegram and and WhatsApp.

11-WC in Iran

In Iran, the word abbreviation of WC, is common for the toilet. You cannot find Iran’s wc on Google map, and the only way is to pay attention to signs boards or ask others. Get ready to use iranian toilets because they often do not have a western toilet. Make sure you bring the toilet paper with you because may be there are not toilet paper in restaurants and in public places.

12-Ask questions

Do not be afraid of Iranians and ask. If you are curious about the subject, ask your question.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran13-Talk with strangers

Strangers may start talking to you everywhere. This is very strange in European countries. The Iranians focus on speaking English and they do not care if they are a stranger, they just want to communicate.

14-Get your shoes out

You should put your shoes off in many places. For example, at Sofre Khane(traditional resturant) , mosques and even some lodging houses.


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