Iranian Handicrafts and traditional arts are among the most important tourist attractions.

Iran is very rich in handicrafts, with a variety of about 300 fields and several thousand years old. Today we want to take you to this beautiful and fascinating world.

Hand woven carpet (Handmade Carpet)

Persian rug also known as Iranian carpet is an important floor covering . It is made by hand in Iran from high-quality wool and silk.
The motifs used in Iranian rugs are derived from the culture and lifestyle of its weavers from anywhere in Iran. It can be said that every Persian rug is a beautiful piece of Iranian culture and nature.
Although carpet weaving in Iran is a national art but  it is not limited to a city or a specific place in the country. Some cities are famous as a Iranian rug center, same as Tabriz, Kashan, Isfahan.

persian carpet
Khatam Kari (Marquetry)

The Persian marquetry (Also known as Persian inlaid work) is one of the most important Persian handicrafts.
Khatam is the art of decorating the surface of wooden objects in the form of mosaics with wooden, bone and metal geometric shapes.
From about 400 years ago, it has spread to various parts of Iran, especially in Shiraz and Isfahan. Delicate and meticulous marquetry has been produced since the Safavid dynasty. Khatam with smaller pieces is more highly valued.

Iranian Handicrafts - Khatam Kari

Persian Miniature

Miniature is a kind of painting which has a long history that dates back to the scribes of the medieval ages. It is a traditional Iranian style of painting that is very detailed. Except for Iran, also it can be seen in Japan, the Far East and China.

Finally, One of the most beautiful miniature types, are flowers and birds designs.


Iranian Handicrafts - Persian Miniature
Persian enameling (Mina Kari)

Persian enameling or Mina Kari has 5000 years of history. Mina Kari is the art of decorating metals with colored materials. Today, this art is mostly made on copper, but it can also be made on gold and silver. Isfahan is one of the major centers of Persian enameling.

Iranian handicrafts - Persian enameling

If you want to travel around Iran and see the different cities without tour operator help, you need to know about Iran’s public transportation system. For traveling to Iran you can choose air, rail or bus system which is depend on your travel style and even a country you will coming from.
To learn more about public transport in Iran, follow this article.


this is the first transportation way in Iran. There are more than 20 bus companies in Tehran and most of the big cities which offer daily services for all over the country. Bus transportation is comfortable and cheap so you can save your money, even by choosing Overnight buses between main cities you can manage your time. There is 4 Bus Terminal in Tehran, Which are visible on Google map.
Most of Iranian cities have local bus services. Tehran has bust rapid transportation system which is known as BRT and it’s a best way to escape traffic during peak time in city center. Keep in mind that in urban bus men and women sit in separate place.

Bus in iran

Subway is available in Tehran and Mashhad. Tehran subway system has four lines with different direction. Also an extra line goes to Karaj, a big city in neighbor Tehran. The Tehran subway operates daily from 5.30am-11pm.

subway in iran

Different types of taxis are available in Iran:
Yellow or green taxis. These are belongs to official taxi companies in Iran. Most of them work on a certain route, but it does not mean that you cannot take a taxi for a different direction. These taxis carry up to 4 people unless you rent them individually.
Taxi drivers just accept cash. To taking taxi in Iran you can either stand in street or goes to the nearest taxi station.
Also some citizens, who are actually on the way to work or certain destinations, pick up passengers who are going to the same route. Their car has no taxi sign but they charge the same as yellow taxis.
Also there is a number of taxi- app for some cities. Snapp and Tap30 are quite popular in Iran. These apps work the same as Uber.

Tazis in iran