Iranian food You Must Try

Some foods in a country are considered as an unique attraction of that region. Tasting these foods for tourists is a novelty with an interesting and new flavor. So this taste, along with other landmarks of that area, makes the journey more memorable and more marvelous for them. Iran also have these special foods.

Iranian Food

Come along with us to review some of these foods:

Iranian Kebab

1- Chelow with Kinds of Kebab (lamb, chicken, liver and minced meat)
Kebab is more diverse than you think. The first type is Kebab koubideh. Minced meat and chopped onion, salt and pepper. It looks simple, but taste is awesome.
Kabab Barg is another kind of kebab that is made from lamb or calves, which added to saffron and butter and lemon juice for making meat more delicious. The grilled chicken, called Joojeh Kabab, is another type of kebabs too.
If you are lucky, you can also eat liver. Grilled lambs liver which served with fresh basil and lemon. All these kind of Kebab serve with Iranian rice or bread

iranian kebab

Chelow kebab

Ghormeh Sabzi in Iran

2- Ghormeh Sabzi Stew- (A mix of red beans, small pieces of meat and special vegetable) with Cooked Rice.
3- Zereshk polow- (Barberry Rice with chicken) the traditional rice dish, which is covered with barberry.

Zereshk polo in iran

Zereshk polow- Barberry Rice

4- Fessenjan-A Traditional food and is common among the Iranian people. Walnuts, chicken, and pomegranate Sauce are the main ingredients of the Fessenjan
5- Tah dig -(crispy fried rice). Tah dig is Iranian food soul. That is a golden rice layer that the taste is similar to popcorn and potato chips. Usually there is no in the restaurant menu, and it should be requested separately.

Tahdig in Iran

Tah dig

Taste Baghali Polo in Iran

6- Baghali polow- Broad Bean and Cooked Rice with Meat. Green and yellow Broad Bean among Iranian rice with Scented vegetables and Saffron which is cooked with butter or oil. This meal served with tasty boiled meat. it is an unique Iran cuisine.

Baghali polo

Baghali polow