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Mashhad is a metropolis in northeastern Iran and the capital of Khorasan Razavi province. This city located in the neighboring cities of Sarakhs, Dargas, Chenaran and Neyshabur. Mashhad is considered to be the most important axis of religious tourism in Iran. The habitat of Mashhad dates back to the fifth millennium BC based on discoveries about the naderi hill.

Spiritual capital

Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran after Tehran and its name is taken from the holy shrine of Imam Reza. this city has a semidesert climate so, has hot and dry summers, and cold and humid winters. The maximum temperature in summer is 43 degrees, and its minimum in winter is -23 degrees.

Sightseeing in Mashhad

The main products of the region include sugar beet, cotton, peas, Cucurbits, apple, pear and peach. Famous souvenirs of this city include Saffron, beads, Cumin, nuts and Dried fruits. Mashhad handicrafts are carpet, stonework, leather and wood products.

Mashhad has the second-largest economy in terms of its industrial and economic status in iran. So that it has the second largest car manufacturing and is one of the main centers of leather production in the country. Iranian spiritual capital, In addition to the shrine of Imam Reza, has other attractions such as Ferdowsi’s Tomb, Gohar-e-Shad Mosque, Kuh-e-Sangi Parks, Astan Quds Razavi Museums, and the Nader Tomb.


Mashad, in terms of convenience and transportation facilities is in very good situation. It has an international airport, a railway station and three bus terminals, which makes it possible to connect with other cities easily. Internal transportation of Mashhad is carried out by taxi, bus and subway.

Suitable accommodation, luxury hotels and variety of services, Making a nice trip for Mashhad’s passengers. The presence of large commercial centers, malls and impressive medical facilities improved tourism and health tourism. In this city, most people talk in Persian but with different accent.

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