What is iran known for?

The Iranian people are one of the most intimate and hospitable people in the world. Despite the negative testimony that some western media do about it and the economic problems that it faces, Iranians are patriot. In the following we review what is Iran known for.


Iran is home of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, The Persian Empire begins at the Iron Age, Cyrus the great was the first Achaemenid Emperor. He founded Persia by uniting the two original Iranian Tribes- the Medes and the Persians. The significance and greatness of Persepolis is in every Iranian mind. This is the burial place of Cyrus the Great, known to the world’s first human rights charter.

What is iran known for?


Architectural masterpieces are one of the main attractions of Iran. In Iran, you can see stunning mosques and places of worship that are magnificent. Iranian architecture displays great variety, both structural and aesthetic, from a variety of traditions and experience.

What is iran known for


Guest is friends of God. This sentence has a special place in the Iranian people’s culture. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreign tourist or a compatriot, The Iranians do whatever they can To make you happy. This is a traditional behavior that exists between the Iranian people. The hospitality of iranian has led them to bring home memories that they will never forget.

What is iran known for

Preservation of Persian language

Thanks to the efforts of Ferdowsi to preserve the Persian language, the Iranians were able to maintain the Persian language alive. Ferdowsi is the epic poet of Shahnameh which written it, without using even an Arabic word.

What is iran known for


oft and white rice is probably the most important part of any Iranian table. Iranians swear that the flavor of Iran’s rice cannot be found in any place in the world. Before garnish rice with saffron and bring to the table, they cook it well with steam and heat.

What is iran known for

The literature

Poetry has a deep place in the soul and life of every Iranian, and is one of the honors of Iranians Among the most famous poets in Iran are Hafez, Sa’di, Omar Khayyam Neishabouri, Mevlana and etc. Some of the Iranian poets have become more famous than the borders of this country. For example, Saadi’s poem can be mentioned which Written at the top of the entrance of the United Nations center

Tips for traveling to rural areas

One of the best, most attractive places where most tourists are interested traveling and visiting in iran is the rural areas. In this article, we will provide you the tips for traveling to rural areas in Iran in order to avoid any problems on your journey, and of course, do not harm them.

Have cash with you

Although today technology has been infiltrated in all parts of the country, but it is less likely in the rural areas of Iran to have Automated teller machine. If you want to travel to these areas, always plan ahead and take cash for your caution a little more than you have planned. It’s always possible to see crafts or attractive products in these areas and you want to buy them. But if you did not have enough money, you can’t buy it. So, always have enough cash to avoid regrets.

In the meantime, if you have little money, do not worry about anything. You can ask the kind people of the village for help, be sure your request will not be answered. One of the best things you can do in these situations is helping people in their daily work

Plan your trip

Tips for traveling to rural areas

Before traveling to Iran rural areas, it is best to plan your trip, especially if you are traveling without tour and individually. know about, what you want to travel with and where you want to go. Specify your destination. The point of traveling to rural areas is that Plan your trip So that to get there, In the early hours of the day. Ask local residents about public transportation that enters or leaves the village to know the Schedule times

Book your residence

Tips for traveling to rural areas

If you plan to stay for a night in these areas, we suggest you to book your accommodation or lodging in advance of traveling to rural areas. If you have not already been able to book a place, try to enter the village during a daylight. Then the first thing to do is find a place to stay at night. This way, if you do not find a place to stay, you can leave the area before night

Wake up at early morning

Tips for traveling to rural areas

One of the important recommendations about travel to rural areas is to wake up with sunrise. Never miss the beautiful Sunrise in the countryside. Get up early like the rural people. You can ask them to wake you up and take part in their daily work

Do not Look down on villagers

Do not forget that before we are rich or a doctor and engineer, we are human. And everybody should behave humbly and kindly with others.

Try to Observe the ethical codes of that village!

For example, if all the villagers are religious and traditional, take a closer look at how you dress yourself.

Do not taking a photo, without permission

Tips for traveling to rural areas

on of the most important tips for traveling to rural areas is that ,pay attention to the fact that take photos of people in the village just if they like.

Buy something from the villagers

Tips for traveling to rural areas

Remember that the Livelihood way of villagers is by selling their products. one of the most important hint about Traveling to rural areas is shopping handicrafts and local food products. Also You should try local cuisine in that area.

The most famous Iranian food

In this article we want to introduce the most famous Iranian food from the view of foreign tourists. These foods known throughout the world as Iranian culinary representatives and we must say that they are fairly good representatives.

Chelow Kebab

The most famous Iranian food

Chelow Kebab is undoubtedly the most famous Iranian food. And many people know Iranian cuisine with Chelow kebab. Kinds of kebab and especially koobideh-kebab, among Iranians and tourists are very popular. Chelow with koobideh-kebab is commonly serve with tomatoes and grilled peppers, saffron rice, yogurt drink and fresh vegetable. Of course, sometimes koobideh-kebab eaten by bread instead of rice

Ghormeh Sabzi

The most famous Iranian food

If you ask many Iranians, what is your most popular food, it probably says that it is a Ghormeh Sabzi.Ghormeh Sabzi make with lots of Scented Vegetables, onions, dried lemon, red beans (in some parts of Iran, white beans), and sheep’s meat, calves ‘s meat. Ghormeh Sabzi serve with rice or saffron rice


The most famous Iranian food

Dizi, also called the abgoosht, is one of the most traditional Iranian cuisines. It is usually made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes. The ingredients must combine together and cooked. The solids often mash which called Gusht Koobideh. . This meal serve with yogurt drink and fresh vegetable.

Zereshk Polo

The most famous Iranian food

One of the best persian cuisine which also serve in the ceremonies is Zereshk Polo. Zereshk Polo prepare with the combination of barberry, saffron and white rice . Zereshk Polo with Chicken is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisines, and has become famous in the world.

Baghali Polo

The most famous Iranian food

Baghali Polo is one of the most luxe and delicious Iranian cuisines .It is make with muscle. Many Iranians and of course foreigners love it. For the preparation of Baghali Polo, blend white rice with broad beans and saffron. And in the end, they put the sheep’s muscles or chicken alongside the plate and serve.

Loobia Polo

The most famous Iranian food

Loobia Polo are usually eaten with a Scorched rice (Tah dig), salad shirazi, vegetable and yogurt. To make Loobia Polo, combine green chopped beans with meat, onions, tomato paste and various spices then braise


The most famous Iranian food

Another popular Iranian cuisine is Gheymeh stew. The stew garnish with fried potatoes and is usually serve with rice. Gheymeh is made with tiny diced meat and split, onion, tomato paste and dried lemon. Finally, add fried potatoes or fried eggplants to the stew.

Ash Reshte

The most famous Iranian food

There are many type of Ash (thick soup) in Iran, and each region has its own ash. In the meanwhile, Ash reshteh is more famous than others. Ash Reshte is one of the most popular Iranian cuisines and it’s like a kind of Vegetable and Noodle Soup.

The ingredients used are herbs such as parsley, spinach, dill, spring onion and sometimes coriander, chick peas, black eye beans, lentils, reshteh (thin noodles), kashk (a whey-like, fermented dairy product). finally, it is garnished with fried onions, dried mint, garlic

Best Iranian Desserts

‌Iranian cuisines are famous to being delicious.Sweets such as zoolbia bamieh or shole zard are among the best Persian desserts. In the list below, see 6 of the best Iranian Desserts that are very popular with foreign tourists.

Zoolbia bamieh

Best Iranian Desserts

Zoolbia bamieh are kind of Persian sweetie. it is like doughnuts, a piece of deep fried dough which is then soaked in a Sweet syrup. This dessert is usually made up of ingredients such as flour, yogurt, oil, baking soda and saffron.


Best Iranian Desserts

This is one of the best Iranian desserts in the southern part of the country, which is make with date palm. Ranginak ‘s ingredients are: dates, walnut halves, flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon and cardamom.

Faloodeh Shirazi

Best Iranian Desserts

Interestingly, foreign tourists initially think that Faloodeh is a kind of noodle. But it  is a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to a sherbet. This dessert is most popular in the summer It can be eaten with a little fresh lemon and was released from heat. Faloodeh is originally from Shiraz and is known as Faloodeh Shirazi . It is sold in ice cream shops and coffee shops.

Traditional ice cream

Best Iranian Desserts

Traditional ice cream is one of the most famous desserts that foreigners loves it too much. This Iranian ice cream made from milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla, and pistachios. Persian Ice Cream is known in iran as Bastani Sonnati

shole Zard

Best Iranian Desserts

shole Zard is one of the most delicious Iranian traditional desserts. And makes ready by the mix of rice, water, saffron, rose water, sugar, and so on. It is traditionally served on the time of festivals such as moharram, as well as Ramazan. This dessert is similar to yellow pudding


Surely one of the best desserts in Iran is cookie. These sweets that have different compositions like cinnamon, sugar, walnut, etc. are found in almost every region of Iran. But they have different baking options. For example, in Kerman there is a cookie called Kolompeh, which contains dates and other materials. Or one of the other famous cookies, is Fouman’s cookie.

Iran is a country known as Persia in the world by the early twentieth century. In the West, the name of Persia is often associated with ancient ruins, stunning gardens, unique markets, tasty and delicious food and the kindest people in the world. All of this is just a corner of Iranian civilization and its long history, which has fascinated past and present observers. That is why the history of Iran is of interest to other people around the world to travel there.

Stay tune to  review 14 Tips to know before visiting Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran

1-Iranians are not Arabs

One of the important things to keep in mind is that the Iranians are not Arabs. Many Europeans, get confused about Iranians and Arabs. People in Iran speak Persian and their language is not Arabic. Of course, there are different dialects in different cities. Perhaps some of the words in Persian are Arabic, but if you know Arabic, you still do not understand Persian language conversations. Since the Arabs fought against Iranians, their common words grew, but their Language Line has similarities and differences.

Iranians are not Arabs 2- Iranians do not hate Americans

One of the most important issues that we always hear in western media is the hatred of Iranians from Americans. But this is not true. Iranians are kind and hospitable people. They are not racists, and no matter what your nationality, they will do whatever to help you.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran3-Iran is a fantastic country for backpackers

Iran is a great country for backpackers. Hotels, cheap transport and friendly native people provide you very economical journey. Nature tourism is very popular in Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran4-How much money is enough to travel to Iran?

Iran is a country where cash is worth more than a credit card. There are many places where there is no POS Machine, and you must have cash, of course, it’s more in the countryside and far village. Do not forget that Iran has beautiful carpets that make you motivate to buy them. So if you want to buy a carpet, Have enough money.

5-Iran confusing currency

The official currency is Iran Rial, but everything is sold by toman. It is not bad to know that each toman is 10 rials. In any case, I suggest you investigate about currency  a little before traveling to Iran.

Iran confusing currency6-Iran is safe

Unlike what the media show, Iran is a safe country. Even strangers in the metro will help you reach your destination. They always try to help you and do not harm you.

7-Hotel reception

If you intend to stay in a hotel in Iran, you should know that they will get your passport. Your passport must be at the hotel until your stay. There is no worry, and the hotel officials take good care of your passport and return it to you safely.

Hotel reception8-Ladies in Iran should wear scarves

Ladies in Iran should have a scarf; but they are very handsome. I suggest you do some clever work in choosing your clothes to travel to Iran.

9-Filtering in Iran

You may not be able to access some sites in Iran. Because they do not match the country’s laws and regulations so they are filter. If you use a particular website, make sure that there is not filter in Iran, and if so, you need to use proxy. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are filtered in Iran but access to email and Gmail is not a problem.

10-Providing SIM cards in Iran

Buying a SIM card in Iran is very cheap and I suggest buying a SIM card. At the moment, Iranians use Telegram and WhatsApp to communicate, so if you want to connect with your Iranian friends, you need to install a telegram and and WhatsApp.

11-WC in Iran

In Iran, the word abbreviation of WC, is common for the toilet. You cannot find Iran’s wc on Google map, and the only way is to pay attention to signs boards or ask others. Get ready to use iranian toilets because they often do not have a western toilet. Make sure you bring the toilet paper with you because may be there are not toilet paper in restaurants and in public places.

12-Ask questions

Do not be afraid of Iranians and ask. If you are curious about the subject, ask your question.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran13-Talk with strangers

Strangers may start talking to you everywhere. This is very strange in European countries. The Iranians focus on speaking English and they do not care if they are a stranger, they just want to communicate.

14-Get your shoes out

You should put your shoes off in many places. For example, at Sofre Khane(traditional resturant) , mosques and even some lodging houses.


Tabriz is the historical capital and the largest city in the northwest of Iran. A great city with mountainous weather! If you still have not had the opportunity to travel to Tabriz, Read this Travel Guide to Tabriz carefully.

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Travel Guide to TabrizTabriz weather

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Tabriz has a cool steppe climate so,It has warm and dry summers and cold winters. in terms of weather in Tabriz, September is one of the best months of the year. the hottest months are July, August, and then June. Also the best time to ski in Tabriz is often around December. In general, the best time to travel to Tabriz is the summer.

Tabriz essential Information

Distance from Tehran: 631 km

Ground travel Duration: about 8 hours

Flight Duration to Tabriz: Approximately one hour and 10 minutes

Train Travel Duration: more than 10 hours

The route from Tehran to Tabriz is not complicated. It is enough to continue the Tehran-Karaj Expressway to Qazvin and then Zanjan, finally go into the Zanjan-Tabriz highway.

Accommodation in Tabriz

Travel Guide to Tabriz

To stay in Tabriz, you can choose from many choices, because this city is ready to host many travelers.You can find a reasonable option for staying in Tabriz in exactly the same amount as your budget.Hotel Kaya Laleh Park, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Tabriz and Iran. In the same category, we offer Elgoli Hotel, Shahryar Hotel, Tabriz International Hotel and Tabriz Petrochemical Recreation Complex. Gostaresh hotel, Behboud Hotel in the city center and the Esteghbal Hotel, are examples of Intermediate Tabriz’s hotels.

Tabriz’s Restaurants

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Vahid Restaurant , Talar-E Bozarg El-Goli , Tabriz Modern Restaurant, Emarat Traditional Cafe Teria & Restaurant, Shahriar Traditional Restaurant  and Gazmakh  are the most famous restaurants in Tabriz.

 Tabriz Souvenir

Travel Guide to Tabriz

Good nuts, Eris, Nogha, Baklava, Luz, Sahand’s Honey and Lighvan chees are the delicious souvenirs of Tabriz. Tabriz leather and carpet products have their own fans as well

Tabriz attractions

Travel Guide to Tabriz

There are many places to visit in Tabriz. Some of the most important attractions of Tabriz are as follows:Tabriz parks are beautiful and spectacular, like Elgoli, which is the most famous of them. The Tabriz’s bazaar is one of the places we highly recommend. This bazaar recorded, on UNESCO world heritage sites.Municipality Building and museum of Tabriz, Blue mosque, Arg-e Tabriz (Tabriz citadel), Jameh mosque, Azerbaijan museum, Kandovan village, St Stephanos monastery in jolfa near Tabriz, Shahryar’s house and municipal hall and Museum.

In this article we review Top Places to See in Kashan .Kashan is a city full of historical sights and which makes a different Trip’s memory for you.

This city is one of the oldest cities in the Iranian plateau with many precious landmarks. Golab Giri is the most important Kashan festival which is related to rose and water rose.

Top Places to See in Kashan:

Fin garden

 Fin garden

Fin garden is One of the most famous and popular Places to See in kashan. Because Its name recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many important things have happened throughout the history of this garden. The murder of Amir Kabir (chief minister to Naser al-Din Shah Qajar) in Hamam-e Fin (Bath of Fin) is one of the most important of them.

Historic Houses

Historic Houses

In Kashan, you can see old buildings and houses with a beautiful and amazing architecture. These houses have become the most engrossing parts of this beautiful and historical city. The most famous of them is Tabatabaei house, which is known as bride of Iranian houses. After that, the Abbasid house, which is considered as masterpiece in architecture. Borujerdi house is also another historical houses in this city that has its own beauty.

Agha Bozorg mosque

Agha Bozorg mosque

Agha Bozorg is a collection of mosques and schools that are one of the most beautiful buildings  during Qajar dynasty in Iran. The structure and decoration of this mosque is very Spectacular and it is stunningly beautiful.

Tepe Sialk (Sialk Hills)

Tepe Sialk (Sialk Hills)

Sialk dates back to 7500 years ago. And it’s the remnants of civilization that existed in Kashan during the ancient times.

Kashan Traditional bazaar

Kashan Traditional bazaar

Another valuable historical heritage in Kashan is the traditional bazaar of this city. This bazaar was built during Safavid dynasty.

Niasar Fire Temple

Niasar Fire Temple

Zoroastrian fire temple (ateshkadeh) that have been built by Ardashir I. Fire temple of Niasar, also called Chahar Tagh (four arches) and located 28 kilometers west of Kashan.



In this travel guide to Shiraz, we review the city information and important tips

Shiraz has three types of mountainous climate, temperate, warm and dry in different parts of the city. In the winter, the Shiraz’s climate is relatively moderate, and in summer it has warm and dry air. The best time to travel to this city is on May.

Travel guide to Shiraz

Accommodation in Shiraz

Accommodation in Shiraz

Due to the fact that Shiraz is one of the most popular cities in Iran for tourists, therefore there are many hotels in this city. Following on this travel guide to Shiraz, we will mention some good hotels in this spectacular city.

Pars Hotel, Karimkhan Hotel and Chamran Grand Hotel are luxury Hotels in Shiraz. Also If you want to be economical on your trip to Shiraz, you can go to the cheap hotels in this city.

Shiraz Restaurants

Shiraz Restaurants

Haft Khan Restaurant, Soofi Traditional Restaurant , Shater Abbas Restaurant are the city’s most famous restaurants. Following on this article, we will introduce some good traditional Shiraz’s food

Famous Shiraz’s Foods

Shiraz's Foods - Kalam polo

Shirazi Polo: To prepare this delicious meal, you need: rice, eggplant, chicken, yogurt, saffron, barberry and spice. This food has a lot of fans and usually everyone is satisfied with its flavor.

Dopiaze Aloo: Potato, onion, tomato, tomato sauce and spice. These are necessary ingredients for cooking this meal. cook this food is easy and is one of the most popular foods in Shiraz.

kalam polo: this delicious meal,Get prepared by Persian rice and meat and cabbage.

Other Shiraz’s attractions

Shiraz's attractions

Vakil Mosque, Quran Gateway, Arg of Karim Khan, House of qavam, Vakil bazaar and Afif abad garden are Another spectacular attraction of this beautiful city.

Its a travel guide to Kashan, Come along with us to know more about Kashan.

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Attractions around Kashan

Travel guide to kashan

Kashan’s Landmarks are not just in the city, but also there are many attractions in outside.

including the following:

Abyaneh  83 km away from Kashan

Matin Abad Desert Camp 66 km from Kashan

Underground City Of Nooshabad, 14 km from Kashan

Maranjab Desert 62 km from Kashan

Abouzidabad Desert 39 km from Kashan

how to go to kashan

Travel guide to kashan

Kashan Airport:

Kashan Airport is one of the oldest airports in Iran. Currently the airport just has flights on the route of Kashan-Mashhad.

Kashan Railway Station:

By Kashan Railway Station, this city Connected to the country’s rail network. The trains of Tehran-Bandar Abbas, Tehran-Shiraz, Tehran-Yazd and Kashan-Mashhad pass through kashan station.

Bus Terminal of Kashan:

The Bus Terminal of Kashan has a small and quiet space. Currently, this terminal has services to the following cities and vice versa: Amol, Arak, Urmia, Isfahan, Andimeshk, Ahvaz, Babol, Borujerd, Bandar Anzali, Tabriz, Tehran, Khorramabad, Rasht, Zanjan, Sari, Shiraz, Qazvin, Qom, Lahijan, Gilan, Mashhad Holy, Malayer, Nahavand Hamedan, Karaj , Kermanshah, Gorgan and …

Personal car | City entrance axes:

If you plan to enter Kashan with a personal car, you can use the following axes:

north: The Persian Gulf highway and Tehran-Qom-Kashan road

east: Yazd-Nayin-Zavreh-Bardood or Natanz-Kashan

west: Khorramabad road – Doroud – Oligudarz – Khomein – Delijan – Mashhad Ardehal – Kashan

south: Shiraz-Abadeh-Shahreza-Isfahan-Natanz-Kashan

urban transport

Kashan is a small city but public transport services are provided in this city.Buses and taxis provide services On different routes

Weather in Kashan


Attractions around Kashan

Kashan has a warm and desert climate. Therefore, the relatively cold winters and the very hot and dry summers are, its features. The main reasons for dryness of Kashan are:

being on the margin of the central desert and belonging to the dry area of Iran plateau

Spring: Kashan has a pleasant weather in spring so Many tourists choose this season for travel to Kashan. The Golab Giri festival be held in this season.

Summer: Placing along the desert makes Kashan summer warm and dry

Autumn: As the autumn start, the air becomes moderate but the temperature decreases significantly at night

Winter: Kashan has Relatively cold winters.


Shiraz is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in Iran. Stay with us to reviews of the best places to see in Shiraz.


perspolis Top Places to See in Shiraz


Persepolis is One of the most famous and popular places to see in shiraz. It is The main purpose of the tourists who go to Shiraz. This place, is a collection of Achaemenid palaces. It is also known as Arg Parseh and is considered as the largest stone building in Iran.

Tomb of Hafez

Top Places to See in Shiraz


Another eminent Places to See in shiraz is The tomb of the famous Iranian poet. This place is known among people as hafezieh. This place with beautiful architecture always hosts many visitors. The best time to visit Hafez’s Tomb is dusk.

Eram garden

Top Places to See in Shiraz eram garden


Eram garden is one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in this city. Garden Eram is one of 9 Iranian gardens has been recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Nassir al-Mulk Mosque

Nassir al-Mulk Mosque


From Other beautiful historical attractions Places to See in shiraz is the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque. Nasir al-Malek mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz . This mosque also known as the pink Mosque. The mosque is famous due to the colorful window. In the morning, the sun light shines through the colorful window glasses and makes an inimitable scene

Tomb of Saadi

Tomb of Saadi


Saadi’s tomb, who was an iranian famous poet is in Shiraz. And has become one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. This monument has been built with order of Karim Khan Zand.

Vakil Bath

Tomb of Saadi


This is one of the old traditional public bath in Shiraz. In fact, this bath, is a part of the royal complex which is constructed during Karim Khan Zand. Today, there are 30 wax sculpture in this bath to Show the lifestyle of the past to visitors.