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Boutique hotels in Tehran are so popular among tourists to stay at.These cozy accommodations with their unique designs and facilities can create a perfect experience for the tourists and visitors.

They are located mostly in city center and close to historical sightseeing.

Here we introduce you the most famous boutique hotels in Tehran, where you feel the comfort like your own home.


1- Hanna Boutique Hotel is one of the most famous boutique hotels in Tehran because of  its location and design. It is situated on Lolagar Alley which is an amazing neighborhood. This alley is famous since the houses are symmetrical to one another. It is a house with 90-year-old structure which is converted to a boutique hotel. The rooms are so comfortable and neat with a modern design.

hotel in tehran 


2- Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel is where you should stay at, if  you like to learn more about the way people used to live in Tehran 150 years ago. This old monument in the heart of Tehran is so accessible and just 5-minute walk to some of the tourist attractions of the city.

The rooms are furnished with world-class standard and the architecture belongs to Qajar and Pahlavi era. With the perfect design, atmosphere and service, it is one of the best options for your stay in Tehran.

Tehran hotels 


3- Tooba Boutique Hotel is another fascinating place specially for business trips to Tehran. It has 24-hour room service, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, conference room and number one roof top restaurant and coffee shop, it is a great choice for an unforgettable stay.

hotel in Tehran  hotels in tehran



Staying at the capital of Iran, as one of the most popular destinations will be an incredible experience for you.

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