boutique hotels in shiraz

Boutique hotels in Shiraz are so popular among tourists to stay at.These cozy accommodations are in traditional Iranian houses. Each of them has its own old stories and backgrounds. The unique furnished rooms and suites attracts every visitors. You feel the old atmosphere of the house while learning about how Iranians used to live in hundred years ago.  Although, they have traditional architecture and design but fully furnished with the best quality accommodation facilities. So, be ready for a fantastic experience in boutique hotels in Shiraz.


1- Darb-e-Shazdeh Boutique Hotel, you will be sure that you’ve made the right choice. It is located in the historical center of Shiraz and is a perfect place for guests to see and feel Iranian hospitality. The building is so beautiful and architecturally awesome, and along with the services they provide, it is a number one accommodation. Just imagine yourself at a historical monument with all the traditional Iranian lifestyle.

boutique hotels in Shiraz boutique hotels in shiraz


2- Shirazi House Boutique Hotel is the other luxurious accommodation in Shiraz. This hotel is such an amazing place with great architecture and the decoration of the walls and colorful windows, it’s like a heaven. Rooms and facilities are convenient and gives you the chance of memorable stay.

boutique hotels in shiraz boutique hotels in shiraz


3- House of Elephant Boutique Hotel is another boutique hotel which is so popular. It is located within the walking distance of some tourist attractions of the city. The house dates back to the 19th century, yet every corner of the building has been tastefully restored, and brought back to life to become the icon for authentic luxury in the region.

Boutique hotels in Shiraz Boutique hotels in Shiraz





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