Here you read all the information about best Hotels in Yazd . This old city with the magnificent and pure attractions and wind-catcher architectural style is one of the most popular destination among visitors. As a good host, it also has lots of great places for accommodation. It is full of amazing traditional hotels that are interesting places for stay.


1- Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel located in the heart of Yazd city. This beautiful house and garden date backs to Qajar era and now converted to an attractive Hotel. Its marvelous garden is full of old, tall trees, ponds, fountains and flowers and create a lovely peaceful atmosphere. Rooms are furnished with modern furniture, but they have tried to keep the traditional style as well.

Yazd hotels Yazd hotels


2- Dad hotel is another luxurious place to stay in Yazd city. It has a warm and cozy atmosphere with friendly staff which are very important for an enjoyable stay. It is also close to some of the most famous attractions of Yazd so you won’t have any problem visiting them from your accommodation.

Yazd Hotels Yazd hotels


3- Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is another high quality hotel with lots of unique facilities and a cheerful garden. This five-star Hotel is located in one of the best districts of Yazd with a pleasant climate and easy access to the city center and tourist attractions, offering full and modern welfare facilities to tourists and travelers. Safaiyeh Hotel is one the best Hotels in Yazd city.

Yazd Hotels Yazd Hotels


4– Malek-al Tojjar Antique Hotel  is an ancient house belonged to one of the well known business men whose title “malek al tojjar” in the Qajar era. A narrow alley enjoying high walls is the entrance. Various rooms of the building have unique characteristics each designed with paintings on the walls and ceilings .

Yazd hotels Yazd hotels