Familiar with the most popular souvenirs of Iran

Each city in Iran has its own souvenirs. The most famous souvenirs of Iran, which are usually purchased by foreign tourists, are artistic crafts. Just walk in one of the historical bazaar of Iran to face up to hundreds of unique and Special souvenirs. Here is a list of the best and most popular souvenirs in Iran. Souvenirs that foreign tourists usually buy from Iran during their travels and take them to their country as a memorial.

Iranian hand woven carpet

The most popular souvenirs of Iran


We all know that rugs and hand woven carpet are one of the most popular souvenirs in Iran. These carpets are often expensive, but if you are one of those who cannot buy the best Persian handmade carpet, you can buy something smaller and cheaper, such as a small rug or a Gabbeh. Foreign tourists often buy small carpets and rugs to easily fit in their luggage.

Khatam-Kari (Marquetry or inlay)

The most popular souvenirs of Iran

The Marquetry is one of the most famous wooden handicrafts in Iran. The artists, combining wood, metal and bone, to create fantastic art work on wood. These artifacts usually include jewelry boxes, photo frames, backgammon and etc. Foreign tourists often buy Iranian Marquetry as souvenirs and gifts for their friends and family.


The most popular souvenirs of Iran

Saffron is one of the most famous and most expensive souvenirs in Iran and the world’s spices. Although saffron is planted in countries like India, the United States, Spain, Italy and some North African countries, but saffron of Iran has good value among others. One of the most fascinating tours for foreign tourists which held at the time of flower harvest saffron is, accompanying tourists with farmers to picking this valuable flower. Due to the high value of saffron, also called as a “red gold”.

Kerman’s Pistachio

The most popular souvenirs of Iran

Pistachios, is a famous nuts and souvenirs of Iran. Kerman, Damghan and Sabzevar pistachios are very popular in Iran. Pistachio harvest season is September and early October; thus you can buy fresh pistachios at this time. The fresh pistachios have a slightly warmth and are more delicious than dried pistachios.

Mina-Kari (enameling)

The most popular souvenirs of Iran


One of the most famous souvenirs of Iran, especially Isfahan and Shiraz, is Mina. The enameling artifacts are Copper dishes that decorate their surface with a pattern of birds or miniature flowers. The enameling artifacts are Usually blue. Enameling is another popular Iranian product among tourists.

8 items of natural attractions in Iran

If watching the ancient buildings and beautiful Iranian mosques are not enough to satisfy you for travel in Iran. You have to go to see the unique and Natural wonders of it! The attractions that travel to them will put a world of adventure in front of you. From high mountains to deserts . From dense forests to the peculiar pond. In this context, we will introduce you 8 items of natural attractions in Iran.

Damavand Peak

natural attractions in Iran

Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. it is one of the 12 prominent peak in the world, and after Mount Everest is the second and most important in Asia. This peak also has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore  and is the symbol of Iranian resistance against despotism in Persian poetry and literature.

You need to be trained and Have a fit and healthy body to climb Damavand mountains. A good two-day climbing schedule, with a complete climbing team and equipment, Can bring you to the roof of Iran..

Lut Desert

natural attractions in Iran

Lut plain is one of two great deserts in Iran. This desert Covering an area of ​​over 50,000 square kilometers in central and eastern regions of Iran. The hottest temperature ever reported in the entire world has been recorded in the iranian Lut Desert. This is an unforgettable place for nightlife and camping. Because there is no place in Iran have such beautiful sky.

Remember, traveling to the Lut Desert alone is a very dangerous task.

playa Lake and Desert

natural attractions in Iran

The other great desert of Iran, located in the center of its plateau, in the northwest of Isfahan and Yazd, is the desert plain, or salt desert. The wild nature of this place will make you look astonished. The famous Salt Lake, desert plain, located 100 km from Qom, is one of the most famous tourist attraction

Badabe Surt, Iran’s Terraced Hot Springs.

natural attractions in Iran

The amazing rock formations of Badab-e Surt, a spectacular attraction. Badab-e Surt hot Springs are located in Mazandaran province and about 100 km south of Sari city. Badab-e Surt Springs terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by flowing water from the two distinct mineral springs .Two of these springs Have drinking water with healing properties.

Qeshm Island

natural attractions in Iran

The entire Qeshm Island is a great collection of natural landscapes and wonders. The island is located in the Persian Gulf and south of Bandar Abbas. Due to diversity of nature and its geological forms, it has a great reputation. Also Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf. The valley of stars or the Chah-kuh canyon is also one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Iran

Laton Waterfall

natural attractions in Iran

Laton Waterfall is one of the most unique natural attractions in Iran. If you were in Gilan province, go to the Astara city to watch the highest waterfall in Iran. If you are looking for relaxation, you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Waterfall or if you like an adventurer and excitement, you can experience the Landing from the highest waterfall in Iran. Remember that the best time to travel to this region is the spring season.

Masal, Gilan

natural attractions in Iran

To watch the country’s most beautiful forest landscapes as well as the ocean of cloud phenomena, you can visit Masal in the province of Guilan. When traveling to Masal, you should have warm clothes even in the summer. The best time to travel to Masal is from late spring to late summer. The olasbelangah is the most famous countryside of ​​Masal.

Turkmen Sahra

natural attractions in Iran

The famous plains of Turkmen Sahra, located near the borders of Iran and Turkmenistan in northwestern Iran, In the vicinity of the eastern margin of the Caspian Sea. The lush hills and Continuous of this area are also famous. The best part of these plains is Khaled-e-Nabi cemetery. The historical cemetery of Khaled-e-Nabi and the amazing hills adjacent to the tomb, have created beautiful landscapes.

Iran’s climate

Iran’s climate is one of the most unique climates in the world. Iran is a high plateau, located in a latitude of 25 to 40 degrees in the Northern Hemisphere and in the warm area. Desert and semi-desert areas occupy more than half of the country’s land area. About a third of Iran is also mountainous and a small part of Iran (including the southern plain of the Caspian Sea and the Khuzestan plain) is composed of fertile plains.

Iran has a high climatic diversity. From the north to the south, we gradually face different climate zones. Iran has dry and semi-arid weather . Annual precipitation is varying in different parts of the country and also in different seasons.

Introducing the Iran’s climate

Iran's climate

Moderate and humid climate

The southern coasts of the Caspian Sea are part of the temperate regions of the country due to the moderate weather and high rainfall. Usually, the temperature in the summer is between 25 to 30 degrees per day and between 20 and 23 degrees at night. Humidity in this area is very high. Rainfall has increased the Flora and causes the growth of forests in the temperate and humid regions of the southern part of Caspian Sea. The rainfall and humidity in the temperate and humid areas, along the sea coasts, increase from east to west.

Iran's climate

Warm and dry climate

A significant portion of Iran’s area is occupied by warm and dry areas. The desert sky is serene and no clouds in most of the year. The desert sky is serene and no clouds in most of the year. The difference in temperature between night and day is high in hot and dry climates. The climatic characteristics of this climate are hot days and very cold nights, cold and hard winters, and warm and dry summers.

Iran's climate

Cold and mountainous climate

The characteristic feature of the cold and mountainous climate is the severe cold of winter and mild weather in the summer of this area. Snowfall is very high in the cold and mountainous climate. The difference between night and day is very high. The dryness of the air is disturbing in the cold and mountainous regions. In these areas, rainfall is low in the summer and much in the winter. Mountains are the source of rivers and aqueducts in the country.

Iran's climate

Warm and humid climate

This climatic region is along a narrow, relatively long coastal strip that is more than two thousand kilometers in length. The characteristic feature of this area, is intense heat and high humidity of the air. The rainfall in this area is very low. Most rain occurs in autumn and especially in winter. In this area the weather is mild and pleasant in winter. temperature difference between the day and night is low. Underground water in this area is often salty. Due to direct sunlight and extreme heat, the evaporation rate is very high.

Iran's climate

Best Iranian Desserts

‌Iranian cuisines are famous to being delicious.Sweets such as zoolbia bamieh or shole zard are among the best Persian desserts. In the list below, see 6 of the best Iranian Desserts that are very popular with foreign tourists.

Zoolbia bamieh

Best Iranian Desserts

Zoolbia bamieh are kind of Persian sweetie. it is like doughnuts, a piece of deep fried dough which is then soaked in a Sweet syrup. This dessert is usually made up of ingredients such as flour, yogurt, oil, baking soda and saffron.


Best Iranian Desserts

This is one of the best Iranian desserts in the southern part of the country, which is make with date palm. Ranginak ‘s ingredients are: dates, walnut halves, flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon and cardamom.

Faloodeh Shirazi

Best Iranian Desserts

Interestingly, foreign tourists initially think that Faloodeh is a kind of noodle. But it  is a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to a sherbet. This dessert is most popular in the summer It can be eaten with a little fresh lemon and was released from heat. Faloodeh is originally from Shiraz and is known as Faloodeh Shirazi . It is sold in ice cream shops and coffee shops.

Traditional ice cream

Best Iranian Desserts

Traditional ice cream is one of the most famous desserts that foreigners loves it too much. This Iranian ice cream made from milk, eggs, sugar, rose water, saffron, vanilla, and pistachios. Persian Ice Cream is known in iran as Bastani Sonnati

shole Zard

Best Iranian Desserts

shole Zard is one of the most delicious Iranian traditional desserts. And makes ready by the mix of rice, water, saffron, rose water, sugar, and so on. It is traditionally served on the time of festivals such as moharram, as well as Ramazan. This dessert is similar to yellow pudding


Surely one of the best desserts in Iran is cookie. These sweets that have different compositions like cinnamon, sugar, walnut, etc. are found in almost every region of Iran. But they have different baking options. For example, in Kerman there is a cookie called Kolompeh, which contains dates and other materials. Or one of the other famous cookies, is Fouman’s cookie.

Iran forests

We all know that most of Iran has dry and desert cover, but we should not overlook the Iran forests that cover some of its area. In Iran, because of the heights and plains that make up a special geographical area, Forests, plant and animals species and in general and different ecosystems, have unique and special aspect that are considered as one of the most prominent places in Iran. In this article, we will go on to explore the Iran forests and introduce them in general. Stay with us.

Northern Forests of Iran

Iran forests

Hyrcanian forests

Iran’s forests on the southern margin of the Caspian Sea are known as Hyrcanian forests. These forests have about 800 km long and transverse between 20 and 70 km from Astara continues to the gildaghi valley of Bojnourd. They have a lot of biological value. Maybe it’s interesting for you to know that this area is protected by the Alborz Mountains and the Caspian Sea from the Ice Age in the third period of geology. That’s why it has been living since then.

This age, which has been around for 40 million years, has caused some herbaceous and animal species (endemic). One of the most beautiful trees in this area, which is native to these forests, is called Parrotia Persica

Arasbaran forests

Iran forests

The northern forests of Arasbaran are located in the north of East Azerbaijan province. Their area reaches more than 70 thousand hectares. Of course, these forests can be considered as a subset of Hyrcanian forests. But some experts believe that the forests are different in terms of expertise. In the south of the Aras River, you see these jungles Which includes thousands of tree and animal species. One of the beautiful aspect of Arasbaran is the high mountains that surround this forest.

Zagros forests in the west and southwest such as the oak forest

Iran forests

These massive forests cover an area of ​​about 1.6 kilometers. and Located in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Elam, Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Fars, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad and a little part of from Isfahan. The forests of the Zagros region absorb moisture from the Mediterranean Sea and contain about 180 species of trees and shrubs. One of the most important tree species in this area is the oak tree, which is why These forests of Iran are also called oak forests. One of the animal species of this region is Iranian squirrel

Iran forests in the southern region

Iran forests

The southern forests of Iran are known as Tropical or semi tropical. These forests are not densely as Hyrcanian forests and are often sparse in southern Iran. Their total area may be about 500,000 hectares. One of the most famous forests in these area are Hara forests.

Iranian forests in the center

In southern Iran, the vegetative area of ​​Iranian and Turanian with an area of ​​more than 4 million hectares has been scattered. And it includes a large part of Iran. These areas are part of the dry and semi-desert areas of Iran’s central plateau which usually have a very high temperature difference in the cold and hot season. This area has about 300 trees and shrubs, which endemic species is also seen among them

The most popular local cuisine of Iran

The country of Iran is very diverse in terms of culture and you will encounter culture, cooking, food and special customs on every corner of this country. This diversity encourages tourists to visit Iran. Also, Iran is a good destination for food tourism and for anyone who wants to try new and delicious food. We are going to introduce some of the most famous local cuisine in Iran, which has become popular among tourists.

Guilan Province, Mirza-Ghasemi

One of the most popular local cuisines in Iran is Mirza-ghasemi. only the smell of the grilled eggplant is sufficient to tempts you to try it. This is a vegetarian food and it is prepared by using grilled eggplant, tomato, lots of fresh garlic, salt and pepper.
Just like most foods in Guilan, at the end, egg poured over the Mirza-ghasemi, or fried eggs separately placed next to the food. Mirza-ghasemi  is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisine, which served as an appetizer or with rice as a main dish.

The most popular local cuisine of Iran

Shiraz, kalam polow

The most popular local cuisine of Iran, which has gained popularity among foreign tourists, is kalam polow. This food belongs to Shiraz and surrounding areas. Due to the tourist attraction of Shiraz, many foreign tourists try this delicious meal. To prepare kalam polow, chopped cabbage combines by all kinds of scented greens such as dill, tarragon, parsley and … with rice. And at last it serve with tiny Persian meatballs.

The most popular local cuisine of Iran

Isfahan, Beryani

Isfahan due to its many tourist attractions is so popular for tourists. And many tourists who travel to Iran are Eager to go to Isfahan. For this reason, it is not surprising that in the list of the most popular local cuisines in Iran is name of an Isfahan’s food. Biryani is one of the traditional foods of Isfahan and Isfahan’s people, loves it. Beryani comes from a combination of lamb, white liver and various spices. And often served with fresh sangak bread and local and cool yogurt drink.

The most popular local cuisine of Iran

Mashhad, Shishlik

Meat and varieties of kebab have a special place in Iranian culture and cuisine and one of the most popular types of kebabs is the same shishlik. Mashhad attracts many foreign tourists because of its religious significance. And among all Mashhad dishes, Shishlik has become very popular. Shishlik is made of barbecued pieces of lamb and Served with bread or rice.

Chabahar’s attraction


The port city of Chabahar is in south of Sistan and Baluchestan province. The city is considered a free trade zone. Along the Oman Sea has many attractions that make it a fantastic destination for trips in Iran. In this area, the customs and People’s clothing are somewhat similar to the people of India. Stay tuned to see more about Chabahar’s attraction

Miniature Mountains

The unique mountain range, which is one of the geological phenomena, is one of Chabahar’s attraction. To access them must go 40 to 50 km, from Chabahar to goater port. These mountains are famous because of their special shapes and figures. They could not be found anywhere else in the world but they may exist in Mars so often they known as Mars mountains.

Chabahar's attraction

Lipar wetland

There is a lagoon 15 km east of Chabahar where the water color is pink, for this reason, the Pink Lagoon is also called. Bird watching is one of the great things you can do in this wetland.

Chabahar's attraction

Banmasity Caves

These caves are located near Chabahar and on the hillside of Shahbazband in the village of Tis. The complex has a natural cave and two artificial caves, which are also spectacular. caves name means a place for a religious man who worshiping God. To visit these wonderful place in Chabahar, take a tour to Iran by Igo Persia.

Chabahar's attraction

Gel Afshan- Mud Volcano

One of the most spectacular views of Chabahar is the Gel Afshan Mountains. Which is part of the most important of them are near the Tong port and somewhere that called the Konarak. The Gel Afshan Mountain, which is about 100 meters high, is located 100 kilometers from the city of Chabahar.

If you go to the top of the mountain you can see that there is a hol less than 1 meter in diameter and half a meter deep that is covered with mud. Its feature is that at different intervals you can see some mud that, with a specific sound similar to blow bubbles, comes out of this hole and scattered around it.

Chabahar's attraction

Gando Protected Area

You can see the only Iranian native crocodile known as Gando in this area. You also have the chance to see other animals such as Jabir, Squirrel Balochi, Jackal, Fox, etc. by surfing in this protected area.

Chabahar's attraction

Goater port

The last thing we want to mention is the Goater harbor, which is located near the Chabahar. This bay and harbor can be considered the last point in Chabahar, which borders with Pakistan. And its beautiful beaches are among the aspects that make traveling worthwhile. There are hara forests around this port, so considered as protected areas of the environment. And tourists consider it one of the finest sights of Chabahar.

Chabahar's attraction

Iran is a country known as Persia in the world by the early twentieth century. In the West, the name of Persia is often associated with ancient ruins, stunning gardens, unique markets, tasty and delicious food and the kindest people in the world. All of this is just a corner of Iranian civilization and its long history, which has fascinated past and present observers. That is why the history of Iran is of interest to other people around the world to travel there.

Stay tune to  review 14 Tips to know before visiting Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran

1-Iranians are not Arabs

One of the important things to keep in mind is that the Iranians are not Arabs. Many Europeans, get confused about Iranians and Arabs. People in Iran speak Persian and their language is not Arabic. Of course, there are different dialects in different cities. Perhaps some of the words in Persian are Arabic, but if you know Arabic, you still do not understand Persian language conversations. Since the Arabs fought against Iranians, their common words grew, but their Language Line has similarities and differences.

Iranians are not Arabs 2- Iranians do not hate Americans

One of the most important issues that we always hear in western media is the hatred of Iranians from Americans. But this is not true. Iranians are kind and hospitable people. They are not racists, and no matter what your nationality, they will do whatever to help you.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran3-Iran is a fantastic country for backpackers

Iran is a great country for backpackers. Hotels, cheap transport and friendly native people provide you very economical journey. Nature tourism is very popular in Iran.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran4-How much money is enough to travel to Iran?

Iran is a country where cash is worth more than a credit card. There are many places where there is no POS Machine, and you must have cash, of course, it’s more in the countryside and far village. Do not forget that Iran has beautiful carpets that make you motivate to buy them. So if you want to buy a carpet, Have enough money.

5-Iran confusing currency

The official currency is Iran Rial, but everything is sold by toman. It is not bad to know that each toman is 10 rials. In any case, I suggest you investigate about currency  a little before traveling to Iran.

Iran confusing currency6-Iran is safe

Unlike what the media show, Iran is a safe country. Even strangers in the metro will help you reach your destination. They always try to help you and do not harm you.

7-Hotel reception

If you intend to stay in a hotel in Iran, you should know that they will get your passport. Your passport must be at the hotel until your stay. There is no worry, and the hotel officials take good care of your passport and return it to you safely.

Hotel reception8-Ladies in Iran should wear scarves

Ladies in Iran should have a scarf; but they are very handsome. I suggest you do some clever work in choosing your clothes to travel to Iran.

9-Filtering in Iran

You may not be able to access some sites in Iran. Because they do not match the country’s laws and regulations so they are filter. If you use a particular website, make sure that there is not filter in Iran, and if so, you need to use proxy. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are filtered in Iran but access to email and Gmail is not a problem.

10-Providing SIM cards in Iran

Buying a SIM card in Iran is very cheap and I suggest buying a SIM card. At the moment, Iranians use Telegram and WhatsApp to communicate, so if you want to connect with your Iranian friends, you need to install a telegram and and WhatsApp.

11-WC in Iran

In Iran, the word abbreviation of WC, is common for the toilet. You cannot find Iran’s wc on Google map, and the only way is to pay attention to signs boards or ask others. Get ready to use iranian toilets because they often do not have a western toilet. Make sure you bring the toilet paper with you because may be there are not toilet paper in restaurants and in public places.

12-Ask questions

Do not be afraid of Iranians and ask. If you are curious about the subject, ask your question.

14 Tips to know before visiting Iran13-Talk with strangers

Strangers may start talking to you everywhere. This is very strange in European countries. The Iranians focus on speaking English and they do not care if they are a stranger, they just want to communicate.

14-Get your shoes out

You should put your shoes off in many places. For example, at Sofre Khane(traditional resturant) , mosques and even some lodging houses.


Maybe you’ve heard this sentence before and you know that Iran is a four seasons country. In each season, you can travel anywhere in Iran to enjoy the beautiful and Pristine nature . Read more about the best cities and destinations for travel to Iran in autumn.

Travel to Iran in autumn

Desert Trekking | The first option when, travel to Iran in autumn

Iran’s tropical deserts and cities are the first destination of tourism and travel in the fall and winter. This season is the best time to travel to the desert and see the beautiful desert’s sky. Mesr desert in Isfahan province, Maranjab desert in kashan, Karakal desert of Yazd are among the most important desert destinations.

Desert TrekkingSouthern cities of Iran | Adventure travel and new experiences

The best time to travel to the southern cities of Iran that have warm and humid weather is in the autumn and winter. If you looking adventure and new experiences, You can visit the villages and cities of Kerman, Yazd, Zahedan, Bandar Abbas, southern parts of Isfahan, and Qeshm and the beautiful island of Hormuz.

Travel to Iran in autumnjungle Trekking | exploring Dreamy frame

If you are looking for an inimitable panel of Yellow and orange and amethyst colors, get into the woods in Iran during the autumn. Walking in a colorful world with Rain Smell is fantastic. Scratching the dry leaves under your foot and landscapes that you never will forget them.  Nahar Khvoran and Alangdareh forestin golestan, the marzan abad and Alimestan Forests in mazandaran, Lundwil Astara and Jangale Abr (Cloud forest) in Shahrood are good destinations for the jungle trekking in the autumn.

Travel to Iran in autumnHot springs | Travel and Tourism Therapy

One of the most important family resorts which have a therapeutic aspect are the hot springs in Iran. Although the first health and therapeutic tourism hot springs center in Iran is at Sarein, but due to the topographic and climate situation in Iran, the number of hot springs in Iran is very much.

The autumn is the season of thousand colors.  So you should not have lost the opportunity to make an enjoyable travel in this season. In any corner of Iran, there are thousands of tourist attractions that autumn can be the perfect time to travel there.

Travel to Iran in autumn

One of the first needs of each person when entering a country is access to telephone and mobile phones. Tourist prepaid Sim card is a credit card designed for tourists or merchants who travel to Iran. This SIM card covers all the needs of the call, SMS and Internet of tourists throughout the country.  Also allows for easy and high quality communication in Iran with outside of Iran. Follow us to know how to get simcard in Iran.

How to get simcard in iranHow to get simcard in iran

You can buy iranian SIM card at any official stores of the mobile operator company or in common mobile stores that have cards from all mobile operator companies. also you can buy sim cards at Imam Khomeini International Airport at the very moment you arrive. The only thing you need for buying that is to show your passport and visa. But it can be the best option if your host or tour agent accepts to buy one for you before your arrival.

How to get simcard in iran

As soon as you buy the sim card and fill the Ownership form that is will be activated. After activation of SIM card, you can use internet services easily with 3G and 4G. Generally, there are three major mobile operators in Iran. Hamrah-e-Aval, Irancell and rightel. They have good coverage and internet service. any operator provides lots of various package for Internet, message and call.

How to get simcard in iran

Country Code of iran is 0098. In addition, each city has its own code. For example isfahan code is 031- tehan code is 021- mashhad code is 051 and shiraz code is 071. by dialing number 118 you can connect to Telephone Subscribers Guide, throughout the country. But and a big problem about that is they talk in Persian.

so if you are in tehran and anybody wants to calling You from outside Iran, they should dial 0098+21+ your phone nember. And for calling to your mobile phone from outside of Iran, they must dial 0098+your mobile number without 0 At the beginning